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Its alright letting yourself go::

as long as you can get yourself back

rants;; raves;; notes; friends
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also answer to shortie;; princess;; barbie;; blondie
Born && raised in Russia
I speak fluent russian and also read & write
I drivvee. [so watch out]
ill be moving to europe or back to russia once im out of college
Attending Madonna in the Fall '08:]]
Im going to travel the whole entire world someday.
im crazy ;; impatient ;; loud
&& i love to meet new people
I have a hermit crab named Pixie
Basically not afraid of anything, except for heights.
I say stupid shit
And honestly, i dont care what you think.
I love photography
&& im a sucker for nature
Im almost always on a diet, && almost always break it.
I also like change a lot
I have a lab mixed with husky and a vizsla
I want to get a pomeranian though :]
I also like cute boys.
Ive changed over the summer
& still trying to figure out who i am